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What is Digital Identity?

Digital identity is becoming an increasingly important topic in today's digital world. As we conduct more and more of our lives online, our digital identities become critical to our ability to interact and transact with others. But what exactly is digital identity, and how does ShareLedger focus on decentralized digital identity?

At its core, digital identity refers to the data and attributes uniquely identifying an individual or entity in the digital realm. Unique attributes can include personal information such as name, address, government-issued ID, and other details such as interests, preferences, and behaviors.

Traditionally, digital identity has been centralized, with third-party entities such as governments, banks, and social media platforms as custodians of our identity data. This has led to privacy, security, and control concerns, as individuals do not have ownership or control over their data.

ShareLedger is different. We focus on decentralized digital identity, meaning you have full ownership and control over your identity data. Decentralization means that you store your identity data on a digital wallet, and we verify the information in your wallet through a cryptographic ledger. The ledger is secure and transparent and cannot be tampered with. ShareLedger lets you control who has access to your data and how it is used.

Decentralized digital identity on ShareLedger gives you self-sovereign identity (SSI), a decentralized digital identity model that puts you in control of your identity data. With SSI, you can create and manage your own digital identities, which unlocks many applications in e-commerce, travel, event management, booking systems, mandatory checks and more.

This decentralized approach to digital identity has several benefits:

  1. It puts you in control of your data, increasing trust and security.
  2. It enables greater privacy, as you can choose who can access your data and how it is used.
  3. It allows for greater interoperability and flexibility. You can use your digital identity across multiple platforms and services.

On ShareLedger, we provide decentralized digital identity through cryptographic techniques, such as public-private key pairs, verifiable credentials, and decentralized identifiers. ShareLedger ensures that identity data is secure and tamper-proof while allowing for selective disclosure and zero-knowledge proofs, further enhancing privacy and security.

Digital identity is an essential component of our online lives, and decentralized digital identity on ShareLedger is a promising new model that puts you in control of your data. By leveraging the power of blockchain and cryptographic techniques, we can create a more secure, transparent, and flexible digital identity ecosystem that benefits you and businesses alike.