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About ShareRing

ShareRing is a digital Identity Service Provider (IDSP) who develops Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions and institutional grade verification technology to enable friction-less interactions between businesses and their customers and simplify the process of verifying customer's identity.

Self-Sovereign Identity for Individuals

Self-Sovereign Identity gives individuals the ability to manage their digital identity and choose how much of their information they share with the businesses they interact with.

  • Users scan their identity documents and verify them in the Identifi Me app.
  • Users have control over their digital identity and decide how much to share.
  • Users no longer need to worry about companies storing copies of their ID and being exposed if the company gets hacked.

Easier Identification Verification for Organizations

Businesses use the Vault Query Language Platform to create requests for information from customer's vaults, making it easy for customers to confirm aspects of their identity without the usual hassles and overheads for both the customer and the business.

ShareRing verifies the data inside customer's vaults using institutional grade verification technology and categorizes the information as follows:

  1. ShareRing Verified: The highest level of verification.

    Information at this level was added by the individual from an NFC document (for instance an e-passport).

    ShareRing captures information from the document with OCR and cross references the information with the document issuer.

    The individual must also pass a face liveness detection test against the photo in the document.

  2. ShareRing Checked: Medium level of verification.

    Information at this level was added by the individual from a non-NFC document (for instance a passport or driver's license).

    The information was extracted from the non-NFC document with OCR, and the individual has passed a face liveness detection test against the photo in the document.

  1. User Added: No verification performed by ShareRing.

    No verification checks have been made against the information at this level. User added information is typically used for informational purposes only.

How it Works for Individuals

Individuals download the Identifi Me or ShareRing Pro app to their phone. The apps are available on iOS and Android.

They create a new account and scan their ID: Passport, Driver's License, and other ID.

The IDs never leave the user's phone and are stored in the encrypted Vault inside the app.

These IDs are put through a series of authenticity checks and verified.

An asynchronous unique hash is generated from the information in the user's vault and stored on the ShareLedger blockchain. The hash is used to verify the user's information has not been altered since the hash was created, however, the hash cannot be reverse engineered to reveal any personal information.

Learn more about the Identifi Me app.

How it Works for Businesses

Businesses that need to check their customer's ID, create a query in the Vault Query Language Platform and present a QR code to the customer to scan.

When the customer scans the QR code, they'll see a request in the Identifi Me app to share information with the requesting party. The customer approves sharing the requested information, and the requesting business receives the information.

Learn more about the Vault Query Language.