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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SDK, and how do I use it to build applications on your network?

The SDK is a software development kit that allows developers to build applications that interact with our blockchain network. To use the SDK, refer to our SDK documentation for instructions on setting up your development environment and starting building on our network.

How does your network handle digital identity management?

Our network only stores a hash of your digital information on the blockchain. The original contents of your digital identity reside in your digital wallet, which is on your device. To validate a digital document, the hash verifies the authenticity of the digital document. The hash cannot be reversed engineered to reveal any information about you.

How do I become a validator on your network?

To become a validator on our network, you must meet certain requirements and complete a validation process. You can refer to our documentation for more information on becoming a validator.

What is the transaction fee structure on your network?

In the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem, the block reward consists of the block provision and transaction fees. But in the ShareLedger blockchain, because we set currency inflation equal to 0, the block reward in ShareLedger blockchain is the transaction reward itself. See the transaction documentation for more information.

Can I use your network to build decentralized applications (Dapps)?

Yes! Our network supports the development of decentralized applications.

How does your network handle inter-blockchain communication?

We support inter-blockchain communication (IBC) on our network, which allows communication between different blockchain networks. You can refer to our IBC documentation for more information on how IBC works on our network and how to use it in your applications.